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Tell us about your most important achievement.

I received the 2022 “Member of the Year” award from the Illinois Psychiatric Society, the APA’s district branch. This honor recognizes my unwavering commitment to patient care, education, community engagement, and advocacy. As the youngest recipient of this accolade, I am deeply humbled and proud.

My journey began in an impoverished one-room home in India, where I overcame adversities through dedication and earned a full scholarship to medical school, graduating as valedictorian.

Despite losing my dominant arm at the age of 8 —I pursued my dream to be a doctor. I immigrated to the US in 2012. Couch-surfing along the way, I found mentorship and support from APA members, allowing me to overcome hardships and follow my dream, of being a compassionate physician.


Where does the profession of psychiatry need to be in five years?

In this evolving medical landscape, marked by technological advancements and the AI revolution, it’s imperative for expert physicians to lead the way in shaping the future of psychiatry.

Psychiatry is on the brink of significant transformation, and we must actively contribute to enhancing access while ensuring patient equity and safety. I envision psychiatry becoming more patient-centric, prioritizing the doctor-patient relationship, and psychiatrists actively influencing mental health policy at local and federal levels.

As scientific progress propels research and clinical practice, our field should take the lead in elevating patient outcomes, both on an individual and systemic level.

I firmly believe that through APA, we have the potential to become a global leader and provide crucial support to allied organizations in the realm of mental healthcare. 


Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

I am the first international medical graduate to be honored with the Resident Scholar Fellowship by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. This unique opportunity allowed me to spend a summer in Washington, D.C., as a Congressional Intern on Capitol Hill. Meeting Senators and members of Congress, and visiting the White House and the Speaker’s office at the U.S. Capitol was an enriching experience.

I have a passion for travel and photography, having explored 28 states in the U.S. My photography journey led me to share captivating photos with meaningful write-ups on social media pages. These images garnered attention from local newspapers, and one of my photographs was chosen as the official Christmas Card for the city of Naperville, IL.

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