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Shenoy's ACE Initiative for Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs)

A pioneering vision for ECPs at APA

Greetings esteemed colleagues!

I'm excited to introduce a dynamic, innovative approach that resonates with the core of our profession – the ACE Initiative for Early Career Psychiatrists.

My methodology is straightforward yet profound, much like how atoms form the essence of molecules, district branches are the heartbeat of APA.

Advocacy. Community. Engagement.
This threefold ACE Plan is tailored to empower, connect, and invigorate our Early Career Psychiatrists.

The ACE Initiative Advocacy Community Engagement



The medical field is constantly evolving, posing unique challenges for ECPs – from unregulated AI advancements to complex liability issues, scope of practice issues, and increasing corporatization. My focus? Robust advocacy. I'm committed to equipping ECPs with advocacy skills, ensuring they navigate these challenges adeptly, advocating for patient and physician safety, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.



After graduation, the shift from trainee to attending can feel isolating. My plan? Cultivate a vibrant community. By connecting ECPs within our district branches, we'll create a supportive environment for sharing, learning, and camaraderie – a professional family to guide and inspire.



Engaging with district branches can be daunting for ECPs, especially those relocating post-training. My vision? Fostering engagement through local events, educational seminars, and social networking opportunities. I'm passionate about establishing ECP Leadership roles at District Branch levels, ensuring their voices are heard and valued.

As Chair of the ECP Committee for the Illinois Psychiatric Society and a member of the Leadership Council, I've been at the forefront of implementing this vision. The results? A surge in involvement from residents, fellows, and ECPs, enhancing our branch's vitality. See our website? Check it out. Especially the photo gallery and our social media handles.
Drawing parallels with evidence-based medicine, I firmly believe the ACE Plan's implementation across all district branches will yield remarkable outcomes – replicable, reliable, and validated.
If honored with your support, my commitment is unwavering. Together, we'll embark on this transformative journey, enhancing the landscape of psychiatry for Early Career Psychiatrists and fortifying the foundation of APA. Let's join forces and turn this vision into our collective reality.
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